International Art Collaborations is an ongoing initiative currently involving art/photography programs at:

OCAD U, Toronto, Canada,
TAMK, Tampere, Finland,
Chung-Ang U, Seoul, S. Korea,
BTK, Berlin, Germany



INTAC 2012-2013

INTAC 2011-2012

NID@OCADU Nov. 2012

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  1. Hi, I’m Petar. 

    I’ll be a 4th year photo student at OCAD in Canada. 
    I participated in INTAC over this past year. 
    Looking forward to continuing the collaboration. 

    Here is a link to my past video: , as well as some info on contact information. 

    Have a good one! 

  3. You say you want 
    R E V O L U T I O N
    well you know 
    we all want to change
    the world

    hi guys!

    Revolution inspires me a way of living. Away from all the dictated codes.
    Revolution makes me think about all the people who decided to live an other life, completely opposed to what the society expect us to. 
    For me, Revolution is not something radical and imposing. It’s quiet, slow. It’s everyday’s choice we do.
    When I think about revolution, I see marginals, musicians, poets, hippies, punks..I think about all the person who changed their world, musicians who wrote poem about how they would see the world.
    I think about my neighbor who refuses to buy clothes from China/Taiwan/etc…, I think about Bob Dylan an his “protest song”, I think about these punk who prefer to buy less for having less to work, person who chose book rather than Facebook.

    I would like to do a work with photography, poems, stage photography or live/documentary photography, or even DIY, bodypainting.. well whatever you want !

    facebook: Mara Bruchez

    whatsapp: +41 79 505 86 18

    kakaotalk: I don’t really know how does it work, but my name on kakaotalk is marabruchez

    Have fun!


    To me revolution has to do with passion // love to take apart common concepts, unquestioned structures & put oneself out for autonomous thinking. Stepping back from majorities. Reflecting. Deviation from the norm, which enables progress.
    I’d love to run this project with a focus on the understanding of common, social accepted and promoted work values AND the disruption of canned concepts of work life to more self-determination and meaningfulness.. where running out of time isn’t considered a status symbol and a sign of success.

    Which people are seen more as full-valuable society members? Regular 9-5ers? These who daily dissapear in their offices executing standard tasks? For sure! Hhmm…or what about a hard working thinker, a developer of visions who is lying in the grass? For me simple task working or following instructions is not dependent from thinking!
    I’d like to examine this further. How could thinking be embodied and visualized? Also I’d like to make references to the “Generation Y”.

    So let’s ruin and reinvent this jurassic concept of what work means!!!

    Feel free to pm me. I’m looking forward to your ideas!


  7. Revolution and Evolution

    My name is Felipe Sarmiento 4th year at OCADU, toronto
    For the theme of revolution i want to explore the comparison between REVOLUTION AND EVOLUTION. what makes this words different or similar. Im open to any ideas, materials, adding concepts, people, etc. 


    whatssup (905-407-9489)

  9. Lilli

    hej everyone,

    I am Lilli from Berlin.

    I made this video a while ago-sorry! Laying sick in bed with glandular fever so your probably anyway better served with that one-ha.

    Anyway…I am really excited to collaborate with you and get some hopefully amazing projects started. maybe change the world, well probably not. but get thoughts rollin and use our incredible freedom! I love working with Print but I also love Photography, although I don’t see myself as an Photographer. Anyway I am up for anything. Cant wait to share ideas and minds 




    kakao ID: VC2365493

  11. Revolution - Define Your Concept

    Make your own statement,
    Start your own revolution,
    Use your artistic freedom of speech
    within a cultural political or social context
    Add your radical manifesto
    to our united movement
    This is the statement from Bratislava which will help guide our INTAC work for the next 6 months. Propose your ideas and find collaborators. Keep this blog alive with your thoughts and images. Let everyone know who is working together and how it is going. 
    Step 1: Review the introductions and contact whoever interests you
    Step 2: Always respond to those who contact you - even to say “Hi, but I’m already busy with others” - build a conversation and network by direct contacts - not just lurking on FaceBook!
    Step 3: Post your project Ideas here on the Blog
    Step 4: Once your group is forming post the following:
                   Project Name (what you are calling it for the moment)
                   Participants and their Schools
                   Concept Description (as it stands - it will change)
                   Say if you are looking for more partners!
    Remember: From experience, we can say that groups of 3-5 work best and you should not be in more than you can handle, usually 2 or 3. Two people may seem right - but you are in trouble if one backs out (be warned). More than 5 and you get silent partners who tend to disappear.
    If you have an idea where you want many submissions (such as Raymond collecting tree images from all over the world) form a small group that does the project and then ask for images from the whole group or beyond - the world is out there! But - this needs a solid group at the core.
    Have fun and don’t hesitate to talk in the FaceBook Group to find partners - Canada and Finland are not in session but do want to participate.
    Peter Sramek, OCADU
  13. The exhibition printing is progressing. It will be done soon!

  15. Hello, My name is kim -jinhwan and i’m 25 years old. you can call me hwan. this year, i had to transfer here from anoter college.

    i’m not good at english , but i expect that you and i will have a good communication by our shared interest , photograph 
    MY goals, in this year are nice photographing, being a good friend and 
    challenging to the exchange student
    By our enthusiasm, lets make a good relationship.
    Thanks you.
  17.  Hi ! I am SEUL GI KEEM. I am 25 years old !

     I am graduate CAU. Before my major is digital media art and fine art photography. Almost my art work based on photography !

     I am interested photography, watching movie, writing essay AND travel. 

    Anyway contact me ^________^ 



     E-MAIL :


     TUMBLR :

  19.   Hi  I’m Hyemin Kim.  I am a student, Pusan National University, and this is the last semester of senior year. I am majoring  clothing & textail  But now I’m studying photography at Chung-Ang University, like a exchange student.   And I have lived  in  China  for three years. I love all the arts and culture . Most interested in photography and fashion, music and video art. Nice to meet you all !!

    Please contact me
    Face book -
    Tumblr -
    E mail -
    Kakaotalk ID  - hyemin0731